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Me llamo Ernesto!

¡Hola! I'm Ernesto and I have 8 years of experience teaching Spanish to foreigners of all levels. My Spanish lessons are tailored to the needs of my students. I use lots of different educational tools to make your experience dynamic and interesting. I offer primarily online Spanish classes but if you are in Mexico City, I do offer some in-person classes!

Let's learn Spanish!

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Improve your Spanish!

Let's practice speaking in real conversations and work on grammar in formal classes. We're going to strengthen your Spanish but in a fun, clear, and dynamic way. We'll practice with activities and exercises of reading, conversation, and listening. My particular focus is on the Mexican Spanish dialect and Mexican cultural education, but we will tailor the classes to your interests, needs, and skill level.

Develop conversational Spanish skills!

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My classes include clear explanations and practical examples to teach you the rules and structures of Spanish grammar. You will understand verb tenses, conjugations, nouns, adjectives and pronouns, among other essential aspects of grammar.

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I encourage conversation practice in our classes, where you will be able to develop your communication skills in everyday situations. You will improve your fluency and pronunciation while you feel more comfortable expressing yourself in Spanish, always using topics of your interest.

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Through interactive exercises and dynamic activities, I will provide you with numerous opportunities to practice what you have learned. These exercises will strengthen your knowledge and help you gain confidence in using Spanish.

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You will expand your vocabulary and improve your reading comprehension with interesting materials adapted to your level. We will explore literary texts, newspaper articles and other relevant resources that will allow you to learn and practice Spanish while increasing the visibility of your website.

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We will work on your ability to understand spoken Spanish through authentic recordings of native speakers. You will listen to dialogues, interviews and diverse content to improve your listening comprehension.

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Online Classes

Learn Spanish at your own pace and schedule with my online classes. No matter your location or busy lifestyle, we can integrate education into your routine. My interactive online classes promote active learning through multimedia resources, engaging exercises, and real-life scenarios. Improve your speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills in a dynamic and immersive environment.

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Ernesto is a kind compassionate person, who tries to tailor their Spanish classes to the interest of their students. We often talked about Mexican politics, LGBTQ issues, and other current events in class. If you would like to work on your reading, speaking, and listening skills in Spanish then Ernesto will work with you to meet your goals.

-Taylor Bauer


I have been studying Spanish with Ernesto for over a year. We practice conversational and writing skills in our weekly lessons. Ernesto gently corrects my errors. He has a good understanding of English so that if I am unsure how to say a word of phrase he can provide accurate guidance. In addition, when I have needed to use situation-specific language at work, Ernesto has customized our lesson content to meet my needs. I work at a bilingual elementary school, where many of my colleagues speak only Spanish. Both my colleagues and the parents of my students have complimented me on my improving Spanish conversational abilities.

-Sarah S


I've been studying Spanish for about a year and was looking for a teacher to practice conversation with as well as improve my grammar and vocabulary. Ernesto does a great job of integrating topics such as film and history and steers the conversation towards topics that I'm interested in. He's recommended great films and documentaries which we are able to talk about in Spanish. It's become as much a cultural class as a language class. I would highly recommend Ernesto to anyone interested in learning or refining their Spanish.

-Sarah Kehoe


I enjoy my one-on-one Spanish lessons with Ernesto every Monday morning via Zoom. He is helping me to become more conversational in every day situations. One of the features that I like most about Zoom is that it enables me to record my session with Ernesto. That way I can go back and review all the new material. I really admire Ernesto's passion for his social program to help others in need of basic services. I always look forward to Monday mornings and hearing about his progress and adventures... in Spanish, of course!



Ernesto was amazing! He helped me to improve my Spanish and understand the Mexican culture. After a few classes my friends complemented me on my grammar and that I knew things like who La Malinche is. Highly recommended!



I first met Ernesto in the fall of 2014. Ernesto changed my approach to Spanish and reanimated my desire to communicate not only in more effectively but within and through the shared cultural experiences and expressions of native Spanish speakers. When I left Mexico City, I was a more confident Spanish speaker. I reunited with Ernesto in September 2019, for three more months of enjoyable study. If a student is interested, Ernesto can recommend tucked-away museums, street fairs, social-movement activities, traditional music concerts, and much more, which then become the basis of his classes. If you want to learn Spanish from an engaging and personable person, I recommend taking classes from Ernesto without reservation.

-Jim Papian


Ernesto is funny, kind-hearted, and patient! Having studied Spanish in a classroom setting for years, I had a decent background in written Spanish but needed more help with conversation. Working with Ernesto allowed me to focus on my biggest areas of weakness. I also loved the way he kept class topical! In addition to culture, we frequently discussed politics, social issues, and current events. I was able to learn a lot more about Mexico than I would have otherwise!

-Hannah Stack


Ernesto is a great teacher. His attention to detail in providing exactly what I needed was fantastic. He was flexible, responsive, and accomodating. I recommend him for online of in person. Ernesto was professional and punctual. I really enjoyed studying with him.

-Duncan Maurice

Friendly, Private Spanish Lessons

$380 MXN/hour

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